carpet cleaning

* Offices, Shops, Business Centres – We Got It Covered *

As the commercial side of things continues to grow in and around Dorset and Business seems to be booming once again, we thought it would be a good reminder to say  –  

We cover All commercial premises when it comes to carpet cleaning. – We understand that commercial carpet cleaning is not the same as domestic, so we have a whole array of solutions, equipment and working practices especially developed for the commercial market.


Commercial carpet is of a different construction, has different use to domestic environment and businesses have different requirements in terms of available windows to complete works & down time to allow drying etc.


We understand the diverse requirements of businesses so can often work out of business hours, use quieter machinery, work around people and furniture and get carpets dry quickly……..In fact we have a completely dry solution called Revive – It that is perfect for the commercial environment and can even be deployed during working hours with minimum disruption.

If you have a query or want a quote for your commercial property then give me a phone  –   We pride ourselves in coming and visiting your premises and taking note of everything that needs to be done and then tailoring your quote and plan to your requirements.


This is what sets us apart from most other Carpet Cleaning Companies  –  We do what YOU want not what we THINK you want………..

Give me a call, my direct number is 07771 628546 and I will be most happy to help……

Best regards