carpet cleaning

Yes ….Its Springtime again …..Whoooohoooo…!

Thats right it’s that time of year again, springtime  !  ….. where everything gets a bit more cheerful……..A bit more light…..a little warmer and a bit more sunshine………

Its no wonder then that springtime is home cleaning time !!! …….it’s the time of year we get really busy as people start thinking about cheering up there homes by refreshing their carpets and upholstery.

We’ve been busy during the quieter winter period upgrading our equipment and wokrshop so we are ready to deal with the demand from March onwards…….We have moved to a new unit, 3 times the size of our last one to make way for more rug cleaning. Last year we were innundated with rugs and now we have plenty of space for cleaning & drying……Why not check out our prioces for rug cleaning –  07771 628546..

We continue to expand our hard floor cleaning, specialising in stone, marble, travertine, minton, limestone, ceramic, terracotta, slate and all things tile…….

Not only can we deep steam clean your floors to perfection we have the right seal for the right floor to make them look absolutely fantastic, and will keep them clean & durable for years to come……..If you want a quick quote and a heads up of what we do give me a bell —– 07771 628546, always happy to to have a chat and give some advice……

Of course as always we will be concentrating on our core business the carpet & upholstery cleaning side of things…… looking after our 4000+ customers and keeping their carpets and favourite chairs & sofas bright & cheerful…….

If there’s something we can do for you then just give me a call and Iw ill be happy to help…..

Best regards


Simon Charl Carpet Cleaning Weymouth
Simon Charl Carpet Cleaning Weymouth